What are the Bricolage Awards?
The Bricolage Awards are a special award show highlighting the hard work and excellence of theatre artists of color and our allies. This live 2 hour award show takes place every May and includes honoree categories as well as competitive categories.

How does someone get nominated?
Any artistic director or director can nominate an actor by filling out the form on this page and providing 1 or more comp ticket(s) to a performance of a play or musical that features one or more actors of color in a lead or principle role.

Why do I have to give a comp ticket?
We understand that for many small theatres, a comp ticket is difficult to provide. We also acknowledge that it is industry standard to provide these tickets for award nomination committees and press. We fill both of these roles and the comp ticket enables us to provide more funds toward the award show.

What do I get out of nominating someone?
1.We promote your show on our social media platforms.
2.We acknowledge you and your theatre at our awards ceremony.
3.You help give recognition to actors of color and theatre artists of color who are often not celebrated or left out of competitive categories.

What is the deadline for a nomination?
We must see the show that you want considered by the end of April to be considered for the May awards ceremony. Shows after April will be considered for the following May’s award season. paragraph here.